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Lamp Parts Explained

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Lamps are fairly simple devices, with only a few basic components.  As additions to any room in a home or office they not only provide ample light, but reflect a person’s style. However, there are so many lamps and bulbs available, you may not know where to start. Here, the team at Mitronix explains the […]

Types of Lamp Holders

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(Click to View) When designing lighting equipment, the selection of the proper lamp holder, also called light bulb holders or light bulb sockets is a critical step in the process.  The selection of the bulb will depend on many variables such as size, lumens, energy efficiency, bulb life, etc. Once the bulb has been selected, […]

Shunted vs. Non-Shunted Sockets

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(Click to Expand) Most people don’t realize that they may have the wrong type of socket in the fixture they are looking to change over from a fluorescent bulb to an LED bulb. Using the wrong socket can cause an electrical short, melt components or potentially start a fire. The socket, also called a lamp-holder, […]