Mitronix offers a variety of outdoor lamp holders for various types of residential and commercial fixtures, including:

  • Wall Lights: These common outdoor lights are mounted to exterior walls in entryways or other exterior areas.
  • Post Lighting: Lamp posts radiate light in all directions, making them suitable for placement in expansive areas.
  • Hanging Lights: Hanging lights are typically attached to a chain, stem, or cord and are commonly hung from porch ceilings or ceilings in outdoor seating areas.
  • Ceiling Mounted Lights: Ceiling mounted lights provide discreet lighting for entryways and alcoves.

Outdoor lamp holders serve a variety of purposes in both residential and commercial applications. Private homes, apartment complexes, and other residential structures utilize outdoor light sockets to illuminate small porches and entryways, as well as accent and illuminate gardens and detached structures. Outdoor lamp holders are used in commercial applications to provide security and illuminate architecture on larger buildings and outdoor spaces such as stadiums.


Halogen Lamp Holders

Halogen lamp holders are the ideal option for many commercial & industrial applications as they provide clear, crisp, bright light. They have several advantages when compared to LED lighting. Halogen lamp holders offer an inexpensive high quality lighting option that renders color exceptionally well, making them suitable for outdoor landscape lighting.

Halogen lights offer many optional features such as timers and dimmers, making them an excellent option for residential and commercial applications where a varying level of light is desired. Other advantages of halogen lights include placement flexibility and energy efficiency, which saves customers on average 20% on energy bills.

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Energy Star and Fluorescent Lamp Holders

One of the primary benefits of fluorescent lighting is its energy efficiency. Compared to a conventional light bulb, fluorescent lamps typically use about 30% less energy, and compact fluorescent lamps use nearly 75% less energy. Fluorescent lamps offer a long lifespan with up to 50,000 hours of lighting time.

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Metal Halide Lamp Holders

Metal halide lamps have a long lifespan and produce a vivid white light suitable for many outdoor applications, including lighting for streets, parking lots, stadiums, and sports fields.

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At Mitronix, we have provided the lighting industry with quality lighting components and custom assemblies for over 30 years. As one of the outdoor lighting industries premier suppliers, we offer the most extensive selection of outdoor and weather-resistant lamp holders and strive to provide exceptional customer service. To request a quote for your unique application and learn how we can offer solutions for your outdoor lighting needs, contact us today.